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73 BARCELONES - Design Museum Barcelona | 2023
Chief curator & exhibition designer
In collaboration with Tiffany Whittaker & Mar Gene

MODEL Festival for Architecture of Barcelona 2023 | The winning proposal for the curatorial award
OPEN Gallery 2020
Co-Founder & Chief curator
In collaboration with Hagar Hshiloni

Open is an informal exhibition space designed to activate private spaces for public events. The project aims to host artists and creators from different disciplines whose work will be closely accompanied by a curatorial process and produced as a site-specific event or installation.
Curatorial assistant & Content manager

JDW is the biggest design event in, Israel, Which takes place each year under a different main theme. As part of the curating team, my job included daily contact with more than 200 designers and creators, local and international, accompanying them artistically and assisting in the production of their projects. In 2019 the main theme was “East”, one of the most notable projects in the exhibition was a circulation system that encompassed the entire building, which has an observation point toward East Jerusalem.
Chief curator & Executive producer
In collaboration with Amnon Direcktor
& the Municipality of Tel Aviv

A collection of 110 maps of Tel Aviv made by 110 different residents from different Disciplines: artists, designers, activists, musicians, writers and other local figures. Each participant received an empty map of Tel Aviv and was asked to create his own interpretation of the city.with no rules or limits, besides
staying within the paper limits. the result
was 110 map variations that show the
many faces of the city reflected in the
eyes of the residents.
Or Shloman is a multidisciplinary artist who works in a variety of mediums and techniques that are translated into two main actions: painting and installation. On display in the main exhibition room was a collection of paintings produced since the beginning of the Corona crisis. In the paintings, Or explores the image of the angel through various painting techniques.
In the second room, four hand-painted sheets were suspended from the ceiling, swaying from the wind of a large fan in the room, revealing to the viewer a mysterious pair of shoes placed on the floor.
the curatorial process was site specific Or’s exhibition was the first event of Open, and there is more to come. The exhibition was included in Loving Art Making Art festival organized by the Tel Aviv Municipality.

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